Fluorosurfactant Market 2022 Professional Survey Report; Industry Growth, and Forecast to 2028



Fluorosurfactant is a long carbon chain having multiple fluorine atoms. It has property of lowering the surface tension of water.

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Flurosurfactant is the most effective compound which consists of long carbon chain and has many fluorine atoms. It helps in lowering the surface tension of aqueous solutions like water. It is used as a wetting and leveling agent. Fluropolymer is produced by flurosurfactants. The industrial usage of such compounds is in polishes, coatings, paints, stain repellants and polishes, caulks, graphic arts, wood stains, adhesives, waxes, polymers, hard surface cleaners, electronics, floor strippers, metal plating, and in oil & gas fields as in firefighting foams.

The rise in demand of flurosurfactant of short-chain type and the flurosurfactant’s better performance as compared to hydrocarbon surfactants are the main aspects which is boosting the development of the market of flurosurfactant. The rise in demand of better paints from the end-use industriers is pushing the need and demand of flurosurfactant.  But, the cost related with the flurosurfactant and its toxicity nature is restricting the market growth of flurosurfactants.

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Fluorosurfactant Market Outlook_MI

  • Asia Pacific is projected to be burgeoning in the developing region in the market of flurosurfactant in the predicted period, due to its fast growth in suburbanization and industrial development in the region. China shows demand for paints and coatings, trailed by India.
  • North America has the principal market of flurosurfactant, due to its substantial development in this region of construction sector. This in turn elevates the demand for paints & coatings. The rise in shale exploration also subsequently increasing the need and demand of flurosurfactants in the region.
  • Due to the reason of economic downswing, the market of flurosurfactant in Europe is having a sluggish growth rate, which is restricting its growth in the market.
  • In the Middle East region, flurosurfactant is majorly used in the oil field industries. It is used in improving the performances of the aqueous and non-aqueous systems that supports opportunity of growth in the market.
  • The Latin American countries, like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, there is huge demand of paint and coatings of higher quality. The main producer of oil is Venezuela. In the construction industry, Brazil and Argentina is predicted to observe important developments owing to high earnings.

Key Developments_MI

  • DIC Corporation in 2016 introduced an array of pyrolytic fluorosurfactant MEGAFACE DS. The fluoro group dissociate in the pyrolytic flurosurfactant after thermal processing. The MEGAFACE DS is used in protective coating for color filters, applied in Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD). The product portfolio of DIC Corporation was expanded due to this new product.