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Platinum Trading Academy is known for their broad range of forex trading courses in the UK.

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Platinum Trading Academy ( proudly presents their wide range of online forex trade course offers to everyone looking to venture in the world of investments and stocks. With their years of experience, their clients can guarantee quality education that can help them succeed in the trading industry.

This company offers forex trading courses via an online platform, covering Market Reports, Fundamental Events, Charts, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Trading Levels, and a lot more. These courses are created to guide beginner and veteran traders to make successful ventures in the trading industry. All of their courses are led by their team of twelve expert traders in the Financial Markets.

Those who sign up their courses can easily access the tutorials via their gadgets, such as laptops, phones, and desktops anywhere in the world. This saves them from the hassle of having to travel to a place to take the courses. They also offer webinars, tutorial videos, and more for the further learning of their clients. A free consultation is provided for those who are interested in their courses without hidden charges or pressure of obligation.

Platinum Trading Academy has been in the industry for 50 years, continuously improving its services for the benefit of their clients. They consistently seek new information and learning that they can impart to everyone. As a result, they have built a strong reputation in their niche. According to them: “After speaking with lots of traders in the retail market, we came to understand that they are taught to be time-frame and indicator dependent. This flies in the face of what each Institutional trader is taught before they start to trade, and we at Platinum have chosen to share our knowledge with Retail traders to show them how the world of trading really works, and to assist them implement these changes to help them succeed and fulfil their aspirations of becoming professional traders”.

What’s more, this company also offers Platinum Trading Television service, which helps clients maximise their trading opportunities and pip gains. To learn more about their services and offers, head over to their online website now at

About Platinum Trading Academy

Platinum Trading Academy is known for their broad range of forex trading courses in the UK. They cater to both national and international clients, offering online courses that are accessible via smart gadgets like laptops and desktops. They also offer trading webinars, videos, live courses, and a lot more. With their team of professional traders, you can be guaranteed that you will learn all the basics and crucial things about the trading industry.