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By the year 2026 the sale of cancer drugs are expected to double up to around $311.2 billion.

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How would an oncologist email list help?

An oncologist email list has all the information about healthcare professionals in the oncology field. With information such as the contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, location of prospective healthcare professionals, you can effectively strategize your marketing campaign. The target audience of your pharma business is definitely going to be healthcare professionals who would want to try out the products and approve of them.

Mailing lists are the best way to reach the target audience. We, at Infotanks Media customize each oncologist email list as per a business requirement. Demography can be a requirement while customizing the email lists. Clients can have more such requirements on how they want the email lists from us. Our email addresses list include doctors email list, nurses email list, & more.

What to expect from Infotanks Media’s email addresses list?

Business email lists from Infotanks Media are accurate and updated with the latest contact information. So, if you are looking to find out your target audience with our business email lists, you’re halfway a winner. Be it doctors email list or nurses email list – each healthcare email list that we provide are appended thoroughly.

Our data experts collect data from the most reliable sources. Authentic information that’s updated every 30 days – check✔