Factors Affecting Bone Health in Women



Consider these things in mind to ensure good bone health in every condition.

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Studies have shown that women are more prone to getting bone-related diseases and fractures. One of the reasons depicted behind this is smaller bones when compared to men. But that doesn’t mean women cannot keep their bones healthy. With slight lifestyle changes and attentiveness, every woman can ensure strength in their bones while reducing the risk of fractures and bone-related diseases.

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When it comes to the factors affecting bone health in women, the first one is pregnancy & breastfeeding. The requirement of calcium in a developing baby is high, and if the expecting mother does not get the optimum amount of calcium, the baby will fulfill its need by extracting it from bones. This will result in the weakening of bones. So, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the mother must take a calcium-rich diet. Another factor that is known to affect bone health is menopause. You must know that menopause is not only about the stopping of the menstrual cycle, there are a lot of other changes that are seen in a woman’s body. During menopause, the production of estrogen and progesterone levels in the body becomes slow and that directly affects the strength of the bones. Menopause also increases the risk of osteoporosis. Thus, consulting a doctor to maintain optimum estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy will be a good idea.

Now, it is noticed that women who consume an excessive amount of alcohol and smoke tend to lose bone density at a faster pace. When this happens, bones become weak. Here, women who smoke and drink need to make lifestyle changes and limit the consumption of alcohol. Avoiding smoking will be a great move. Plus, studies have also confirmed that in such women, menopause occurs 1.5 to 2 years earlier. So, the choice is yours.

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