Exainfotech Looks After Vivid Sectors as Its Part of Expansion



    Exainfotech Looks After Vivid Sectors as Its Part of Expansion

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    21st September ’19, Gurugram: Exainfotech is a trusted name in the sector of avant-grade ERP providers for Trading ERP Software. The organization is basically dedicated to offer as a one-stop solution that is based on next-generation platforms in the market space of ever-evolving and growing technologies like that of ERP, SAP, RPA, IOT, as well as AI. As it caters to the unique business requirements of the organizations across distinguished industries that includes – Automobiles, Ancillaries, Die Casting, Winery, Paint Shop, Chemicals, Adhesives, Auto Body Manufacturing, Sheet Components and Tubes, Lighting, as well as Scaffolding, its aim is to bring cut edge solutions for the already existing organizations and the flourishing once as well.

    The company is now coming up with something which is not generally seen and experienced by other organizations working in the same ode of plan. Jewelry ERP Software for Jewelry Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers is something which is rare and is taken on board by Exainfotech to altogether another level.

    ErPro is an exemplary software that is designed by the competent team at Exainfotech while they have the objective so as to help the Jewelry Traders in integrating their business processes to a mass level. It does not actually matter that how promising a jewelry business is when the matter is to face the day-to-day challenges and hurdles it can turn out to be highly susceptible in nature. The main reason of this issue is the variation in prices of gold as well as silver on a day to day standards. It is noted that many jewelry traders tend to face huge problems because of a very simple reason that their sales order does not coincide with the state of delivery in the business management.

    It is at this point in the business of jewelry that the Exainfotechs’ ERP solution and system comes into function. Not only can the software help in the elimination of the issues that are arising by each event in the business but also to render the result of dynamic pricing and can also be highly helpful in generating alerts regarding the price fluctuations, favorable purchase periods as well as the billing notifications. This can help the traders in reaping the best possible advantages of the increased operational efficiency so as to enjoy greater profitability as a whole by the end of the process.

    The Managing Director of the company Mr. Rajesh Handa who is in favor of the same says, “We are looking forward to expand our business in different sectors which also includes jewelry. We are looking forward to extend our best services to the organizations who are aiming for better and sustainable profitability in their business plans”