Evran Sakan, the Iranian Kurdish genius football player



Evran Sekan was born on February 20, 2010 in Mako, Iran

Press Release

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As a child and at the age of 5, Evran sakan worries his parents because of his playfulness and excessive activities, and his parents decide to refer to a pediatric specialist for Evran sakan treatment. After conducting medical tests, the doctor realizes that Evran sakan The rudder has no problem and has a lot of energy that must be discharged in a way like sports.
Evran sakan‘s parents say that we first sent Evran to a gymnastics class so that he could release his energy in gymnastics, but later we found out that he has a strong interest in football, and considering that we were residents of Erbil, Iraq, and unfortunately, in the city of Erbil Academy and or there was no professional coach to give Oran professional training and skills, he started football training with our help and was able to control his energy with football, and now Evran sakan is in Iran in FC HAMI youth team under the supervision of coaches Well, this team plays football and has managed to attract the opinion of the coaches of that team as the first football team in the very first days of joining the FC HAMI team.
With his high motivation, Evran sakan wishes to one day be able to play football in one of the biggest clubs in Europe, and his favorite team is Real Madrid and his role model is Cristiano Ronaldo.