Evaluate Spending Strategy with Parcel Spend Management



The global economy is going through drastic changes and slowdowns during this year's third and fourth quarters.

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Businesses that ship their parcels through carrier service providers do not realize they can save a lot of money on their parcel invoices in the form of discounts and reduced rates. But many of them do not have the experience to do it on their own. That is why having a parcel contact negotiator on your side is always beneficial. Traditional methods are not applicable in this fast-paced shipping ecosystem. To thrive in the market, you must connect with industry experts and an automated parcel management solution to accurately locate invoice discrepancies and save costs. 

Managing your parcel spending with carriers is tricky because carriers do not maintain complete visibility of your contract. Often, during the contract term, carriers start charging you with added surcharges and additional fees. With visibility through an effective parcel management system, you can uncover these fees and pivot to avoid them. 

No business knowingly overspends on parcels. But in what might be the most dynamic and competitive carrier pricing environment ever for parcel shippers, what chance are you have? Time is the most vital resource. Contracts are complex. Any number of gotchas or hidden information can go unnoticed and hamper your carrier contract or destroy your bottom line.           

That’s why you need an efficient parcel spend management system for your business to get the best out of your parcel spending. With costs increasing due to a constantly changing fast-paced environment, even the most advanced supply chain organizations are overpaying. Carrier service providers are raising the stakes with consistent policy changes, peak season surcharges, general rate increases, and complex billing systems that lack visibility. Parcel management systems are the leading transportation, distribution, and fulfillment spend management technique that empowers businesses to optimize parcel spend, reducing costs by 15-40% or more. 

Transimpact is an Industry-Leading Parcel Spend Management Services Provider. We have successfully helped our clients save over $1Billion on parcel shipping costs. Our deep experience and keen business insights enable our clients to champion their parcel spending strategies and make informed decisions. That is why we are proudly known as the best parcel contract negotiators in the business. To know more about our solutions, talk to our expert or book a demo.