EurekaGold®, Sheeps’ Best Defence Against Skin-Biting Pests



EUREKA GOLD® is the original Diazinon spray-on backline treatment proven effective against the sheep body louse, ideal for rotating off other Lousicides containing Imidacloprid, Abamectin and Spinosad.

Press Release

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Looking for immediate relief during the busy fly season in Australia? With volatile climatic conditions nowadays, Zagro Australia recognises that there’s got to be an effective solution for that immediate relief against pesky skin-biting pests that causes constant irritations among your farm animals.


Zagro Australia’s  EUREKA GOLD® treatment for sheep lice, and is recognised widely as the best available kind of treatment of sheep lice you can find on the shelves.


The product has been rigorously tested for safety and proven effective in warding off the notorious breed of sheep lice . So fa , Eureka Gold have shown  that it works with with zero resitatnce to its target parasite


These amazing features  of eureka gold include the products’ unique features that come in a convenient off-shears application which requires low capital outlay, and is effective against lice resistant to synthetic pyrethroids. Moreover, EUREKA GOLD® has a rapid knock down impacts by eliminating lice fast, thus relieving the sheep against persistent irritations caused by skin-biting lice upon treatment.


If you are still trying hard to search for a trusted and best quality sheep lice treatment antidote for your sheep needs for rapid relief against harmful skin-biting insects, then save the trouble by looking no further to Eureka Gold™ that’s uniquely Australian, safe to use, and most importantly, proven effective.