Enhancing the accessibility to Haute Couture fashion, one step at a time



FARAH NAZ New York is a privately-owned global online women's fashion luxury brand and founded in 2018.

Press Release

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Haute Couture Fashion is something that every woman is after. For the longest time, exorbitant prices and hard-to-reach collections have made women distant from their dream of owning the perfect Haute Couture dress. This is where FARAH NAZ New York has stepped in. Ever since the inception of the brand in 2018, Farah Naz has set her eyes upon making Haute Couture fashion more accessible.

The fashion house has been successful in creating a line of high quality readymade clothing along with a beautiful Haute Cuture line for special occasions. FARAH NAZ New York brings adds something new to its line every season, keeping its collection refreshed with the latest trends.

Ever since its first launch, the brand has continued to create intricately designed Haute Couture pieces that feature bespoke designs, eye catching details, and beautiful embroidery. The brand is focused on fusing fashion, functionality, and comfort in the best way. Adored by women that love fashion, FARAH NAZ New York is now a brand that is synonym with Haute Couture because of its master craftsmanship and eye for detail in every dress. Creating Haute Couture is like creating art and every piece of clothing requires close attention to details and hours of hard work which leads to the creation of something magnificent.

The time, effort, and skill that go into each piece define the price of the garment. As a cherry on the cake, the fashion house also offers occasional sales that offer great deals on luxurious Haute Couture pieces. FARAH NAZ New York has given Haute Couture a completely new dimension by making garments that are functional, wearable, and trendy. As a renowned name in New York’s fashion industry for quite a while now, the fashion house takes dressmaking, sewing, and needlework seriously.

They offer some of the classiest and most fashionable haute couture pieces that are sure to meet the unique preferences of every women. The brand also accommodates various sizing options to empower women of all shapes and sizes to find the perfect outfit for them. Every garment created by the fashion house has distinctive characteristics.

FARAH NAZ New York’s line of Haute Couture apparel boasts high-quality materials, unmatched craftsmanship, and a great shopping experience. The handmade classic Haute Couture designs are created from the most luxurious silhouettes. The elegant and timeless pieces are created to ensure durability, comfort, and a luxurious feel when they are worn.

Each garment is crafted meticulously and with great precision to ensure a beautiful finish. By intricately hand cutting, sewing, and finishing the garment, FARAH NAZ New York is successful in offering Haute Couture garments that have a great structure, spectacular fitting, and have a distinctive charm.

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