Effective Tips to Remodel Business Strategies to Counter COVID 19



Hestabit has been able to dodge all the obstacles created by COVID 19. With a visionary approach, foreseeing the future became a possibility for them. The changes they have made in their working pattern are notable.

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London, United Kingdom, May 14, 2020: COVID 19 has generated a massive impact on businesses that were up and running. The world is shut, locked inside of their homes, businesses hampered, and the growth is seeing a sharp decline.

Upon asking the Hestabit CEO, Mr. Harshvardhan Lakhera said: “We have to take up a proactive approach to dodge all the hurdles that come our way, I don’t believe in stopping and neither should any other entrepreneur.” 

Hestabit, has shown exceptional performance during the lockdown, defying all odds, they were able to bring out extraordinary outputs. Their revenues and business have seen a gradual increase since quarantine.

Mr. Harshvardhan had some insights to share with other business owners as to how they can improve their business growth during tough times. He suggested three pro tips that are impossible not to take into account. 

#TIP 1: Get your products to various channels:

He suggested that this approach will definitely help business owners to continue their functioning even during the COVID 19. This approach will be practical, even post virus. 

Giving an example, he said, “I remember reading about the Chinese company Lin Qingxuan, the cosmetic company that was forced to shut 40% of its stores across Wuhan. Their sales dropped down by 90%. However, the company applied the same approach that I mentioned; they redeployed the beauty advisors they had, as media influencers. And on this Valentine’s day, they hosted a huge online event featuring more than a hundred beauty advisors. Imagine, their Februarys’ sales were 120% more than their total sale of 2019.” 

#TIP 2: Use your infrastructure to build different products:

The year has brought a significant decline in users’ needs for a lot of products. Mr. Harshvardhan said, “It is not necessary for you to stick to just one product. Unique situations need unique solutions.” 

Hestabit has outshone in the business industry since it works on the need of the hour. And so should any business. 

Changing your product with the change in the market is proved to be a great strategy all advanced businesses have adopted. And if not yet, then they should.

#TIP 3: Continue with the same product but change the infrastructure:

Sometimes to meet the increasing demand for a product, a company would need to add up the existing infrastructure to bring an increase in the production of the product.

“You may try collaborating with other businesses to share the burden”, he said. 

Hestabit taking a proactive approach now would give both immediate and long term benefits.

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