Effective Member Management System Development In Killeen



    The release discusses member management system development by Centex Technologies in Killeen, TX. It further highlights other services offered by the company.

    Press Release

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    Killeen, TX/2020: An effective member management system is pivotal for the overall success of any business and for ensuring its seamless functioning. Centex Technologies offers a highly effective management system headed by specialists in the field. This makes it a top choice for any business looking for a reliable and experienced IT company to develop a member management system.

    About The Company

    It is an Information Technology Consulting Firm that specializes in services like Search Engine
    Optimization, Website Development and Design, Internet Marketing and providing technical support to its clients.

    Member Management System Development

     Bingo Management System:

    • Member Management: Add new members, activate and deactivate accounts, manage internal announcements, add new halls, add/edit states and cities, make packs of products and more.
    • Inventory Management: Enables users to place orders, receive and browse inventory, manages transfer of products, shelving unused inventory, etc.
    • Reporting: Prepare a product purchase log, schedule prizes, usher commission report, sales report, daily cash report and more.

    Youth Enrollment System: 

    • Member Management: Collecting and maintaining demographic and personal information, adding/editing member records, viewing and retrieving member information, activating and deactivating member accounts, eliminating duplication, etc.
    • Group and Activities Management: Scheduling activities, setting and recording fees for activities, scheduling activities and assigning activities.
    • Attendance Management: Record attendance, track daily and monthly attendance, record activity and group attendance and prepare extensive reports of statutory and non=statutory needs.
    • Staff Management: Add/edit staff members, record personal information and activate/deactivate staff members.
    • Fee Management: Adding and assigning fee levels, tracking paid fees, collection of fees, extensive reporting and generating comprehensive reports at the member, group, activity, unit, visitor and organization level.

     Other Services Offered

    • Ecommerce Website Development
    • Static and Dynamic Website Development
    • Internet Marketing for Web Businesses
    • Global and local search engine optimization
    • Social media marketing and optimization

    For more information on member management system development by Centex Technologies in Killeen, TX, feel free to visit the company’s Central Texas Office at 501 N. 4th Street, Killeen, TX – 76541 or call at (254) 213 – 4740. You can also visit the company’s website at https://www.centextech.com