From being a mere and hypothetical concept of science fiction to a science-based reality

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    Gurgaon, India, 2019-Oct-05 — /Education/ — The Augmented and Virtual Reality have a come a long way, paving a path of innovation and creation. Until a decade back, the idea and cost of development of things featuring AR and VR were so substantial, that it felt like a dream to be available to one and all.The history of the invention and achievement of the AR and VR concept dates back to 1957, and then onto 1968 when the first head-mounted display was invented, but this could not be practically used by the mass in general.

    A breakthrough to all this came in 1992 with the development of the first-ever properly functioning AR system., which could speed-up the 3D technology along with increasing the processing power.

    After the first AR system, two decades later, the AR has been developed and enhanced by leaps and bounds, so much that it is being used globally in more than ways one can imagine. Along with the improvement in the AR and VR technology  the focus has also been laid to reduce the cost of production and development.

    The current state of AR is that it is being used in almost every industrial sector, which includes:

    •   Education
    •   Gaming
    •   Navigation
    •   Military
    •   Medical research
    •   Construction
    •   Designing
    •   Sports
    •   Tourism
    •   Commerce
    •   Rescue, and many more.

    Gurgaon, India, 2019-Oct-05 — /Education/ — In the present day, the online educational gamesand offline children educational games are inbuilt with the AR and VR technology, combining and incorporating the ideas of gaming and education together creatively.

    These VR games for kids and AR games for kids serve the purpose of technological learning, with better and improved user-learning experiences, along with increasing the productivity, efficiency as well as the quality of learning through games of AR and VR.

    A lot of the concepts of online learning games and AR games integrated with education, along with other concepts of AR are under progress. Not only AR but also an extension of it, which is artificial intelligence is also growing progressively, beholding the scope and enormous potential in the near future.