Dr. Arbajian joins AmpiChap as their Chief Architect to help make legal tech accessible to everyone



Dr. Arbajian joins AmpiChap, a legal tech startup, as their new Chief Architect, bringing over 2 decades of experience leading tech and AI platform development.

Press Release

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AmpiChap announced today that Dr. Pierre Arbajian will be joining its team as the Chief Architect. With a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning and AI) and more than two decades of experience leading tech and AI platforms development for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Dr. Arbajian will lead AmpiChap’s efforts to develop its consumer-facing legal tech platform. He will use his expertise to design the technology architecture of AmpiChap. Dr. Arbajian will also be supervising the quality and implementation of designs, developing high performance architects within the organization. In addition, he will be involved in the design of software architecture policies to manage and guide members of the AmpiChap team throughout the process of creating various legal tech solutions.


“We’ve seen tremendous progress in fintech over the last few years, and no one has a better understanding of the technology behind successes in this arena than Dr. Arbajian. Legal tech is the next frontier. Pierre’s experience and the depth and breadth of his knowledge of machine learning and AI development is exactly what we need at AmpiChap at this point.”


Manvel Vasilyev Airumian, Founder & CEO of AmpiChap

About AmpiChap: AmpiChap is a legal tech startup founded in 2020, with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. and Montpellier, France. The company’s main goal is to make legal technology affordable and accessible to the general public. From user-friendly visa applications to automated contract generators, AmpiChap’s modern digital ecosystem offers premium legal tech solutions that simplify the public’s access to law. They are releasing their first product in November 2021, VisaBix, which will help people apply for visas, green cards, and other immigration benefits easily and independently, without requiring the help of a lawyer.