Dot Com Infoway Begins Free Digital Consultation Initiative for COVID-Hit Businesses



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    Press Release

    Madurai, India – (November 12, 2020)

    Pioneering IT company Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has launched a zero-cost digital consultation offer to alleviate the toll of COVID-19 on businesses. The promo is available to both local and foreign companies and will consist of the following primary audits: digital media consultation and website and app consultation.

    DCI makes it clear that it will be comprehensive when assessing the digital properties of each business. It is stated in DCI’s blog post that it will be examining businesses’ “overall readiness for digital transformation”. Key areas that will be looked at will be market-readiness of business ideas, SEO, ASO, digital security, social media marketing, to cite a few.

    Interested companies may go directly to the above-mentioned blog post to know more details about the said initiative. The post also includes a virtual application form, which can also promptly be filled out by any enterprise interested in availing of the said offer.

    All of these consultations will be done through online meetings with DCI’s team. Up to 15 minutes of free digital consultation will be given for each company that avails of the said offer.

    DCI has recently already begun reaching out to companies with the said offer via email campaigns. It is expected to gain momentum in the coming weeks, for as long as the offer stays available.

    “We consider this current no-cost digital consultation offer as one of the best ways for us to achieve that aim. After all, it allows us to immediately set businesses up for the digital transformation of their respective enterprises. The times have, more or less, made that transition necessary so consider this offer as a symbolic helping hand that will help most companies rise from their COVID-inflicted slump and perform that leap forward into the new normal.”

    Venkatesh continues, “We’ve been known for our proactive approach to addressing the most significant problems of the day. It goes without saying that this pandemic is one of them. Most of the industries we are helping have played and continue to play a vital role in ensuring economic stability not only in our region and country but worldwide.

    DCI has been offering business consultation and app consultation for years now, for which it has attained numerous recognitions. Its digital consultation services readily go hand in hand with plenty of its other services that it is largely recognized and lauded for. Not least of these offerings include mobile app development, enterprise app development, and digital marketing.

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