Donations for society



Why donations are necessary? Will our small donations makes any difference ? To whom should we donate?

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One question from everyone, what do you think what makes you a good human?

Doing your work, stabilizing your life and family, loving your closed ones and caring about them, being an honest and true person is that what makes you a good human?

Well, we can say them well mannered, genuine, loving & caring person but you know what makes us a better person?

Have you ever seen the orphan children who don’t have anyone in their life, begging and dying to survive?

Have you ever seen the old peoples who aren’t physically fit, suffering from various health problems who don’t have anyone to take care of them?

Have you even seen the stray animals who can’t even express the pain they are going through?

There are lot of problems which emerges everyday in the society. Do you ever think about them, how hard their life is?

Now I will tell you what makes you a better person?

Those who contribute and sacrifice for others wellness understand the problems, needs, helplessness without being selfish will be the best persons. That’s why we need to support more NGO’s and Social workers who sacrifice their entire life for the well being of others. They give them the hope to live and shows them the right path.

In India there are many NGO and charitable trusts which provide these services to the society. “Vishwa Jagriti Mission” one of the best service providers to the society which is being running by our Guruji ” Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj” and ” Dr. Archika Didi” is among those great peoples who is engaged for making a good life for others. Social services organised by Vishwa Jagriti mission:


An initiative for the young ones where needy children is provided with free & proper education facilities so that every child should get the right of getting educated.


An initiative for taking care of our beloved seniors and proving them free hospitality, support them, helping them to fight loneliness and taking care of their health.


This initiative to provide free medical aid to the poor and downtrodden.” Karuna Sindhu Charitable Hospital” which provides one of the best ophthalmology treatments where cataract operations are performed free of cost.


An initiative for the cows where free shelter, food, medical facilities and their protection are provided.


This program is engaged with free food camps, Satsang & Yagya, Blood donation camps, Disaster relief and marriage of poor girls.

So we must come forward and make contribution to their great initiatives and donate something so that they can serve the society with more resources.