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    Sanyork Fair Trade artisan workshop in San Juan de Lurigancho employs and houses dozens of local families of skilled talented artists.

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    Peruvian crafts are among the world’s finest and some of the finest artisan in the world. Nestled in a dusty street, in one of the poorest suburbs of Lima, surrounded by large factories and hillside slums, Sanyork Fair Trade artisan workshop in San Juan de Lurigancho employs and houses dozens of local families of skilled talented artists. For Traditional Peruvian Crafts you can trust Sanyork Fair Trade. They offer amazing items including Bailey Palm Straw Hat with Adorned Band Crown Adjustable and many more.

    Sanyork Fair Trade is popular for offering authentic Alpaca jewelry.  They offer handcrafted jewelry from Peru fashioned by artisans whose families have been creating it for generation upon generation. Many Peruvian artisans are so talented they’re able to combine tradition with modern, bold and dynamic designs. The result is innovative jewelry often more vibrant than that found elsewhere.

    Peruvian jewelry at Sanyork Fair Trade includes Cascade Necklace Woven Bead Crystals Magnetic Clasp White Glass, Solid Color Beaded Bracelet, Solid with Bugle Beads Bracelet Guatemala Fine Assortment, Spectacular Turquoise and Bronze Glass Beads and Crystals Necklace Classic Stranded Collar, Stranded Necklace Czech Crystals Beads Turquoise and Bronze Magnetic Clasp and more.

    Alpaca fur rug are great for decorating ideas for your home. They make a great home décor item. The most popular brands at Sanyork Fair Trade are Luz & Cirilo Lauriano, Cotton Woven Coasters in Andean Manta, Peru Artisan Made Cotton Manta Striped Coasters Multicoloured, 100% Cotton Woven Mats in Multicolored Shades Washable and more.

    Alpaca blanket is one of the finest items available at Sanyork Fair Trade. They offer 100% Alpaca Fine Stripes Blanket Two Tone Reversible 60″ x 84″. Alpaca fiber is woven to give a wonderful two tone granite mix shades of color and comfort to these snuggly blankets. These are reversible blanket super light and soft to the touch in two tones.

    You can buy Alpaca fur slippers are made especially in a remote Andean village. It is a relief to know that all baby fur is derived solely and without exception from natural herd loss due to brutally cold temperatures

    About Sanyork Fair Trade:

    Fair trade provides a sustainable economy to preserve culture and stop exploitation. Cut out the middleman, buy direct from the producer at great value. Sanyork Fair Trade is a project in Peru about promoting and employing skilled artisans in need for a market place, upholding fair trade values, respecting local traditions and family structures.

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