DirectSuggest Named “Overall Design Collaboration Solution of the Year” for Remote Teams



DirectSuggest has been named winner of the Best Overall Design Collaboration Solution of the Year award in the 2021 RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards.

Press Release

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DirectSuggest has been named winner of the Best Overall Design Collaboration Solution of the Year award in the 2021 RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards.

DirectSuggest was chosen from 1,800 nominees for their success in breaking through the crowded field of technology solutions for remote workers and teams. The previous winner inVision, is used by all 100 of the Fortune 100. They are also joined by fellow industry leaders including Zoom, Salesforce, Zapier, Monday, and Canva.
DirectSuggest was seen as breaking through the remote technology market by being the most effective outlet for fielding and collaborating on employee suggestions. DirectSuggest’s CEO Riley Moore elaborated on why they were selected:
“The nature of sharing and collaborating on ideas is common within an organization’s workplace. This discussion of ideas is obviously lost when someone is working remotely and communication systems that are used as substitutes such as Slack or email don’t initiate or facilitate this. Whether an organization is entirely or partially remote, those working remotely must be able to use their hands on experience and voice to move the mission of the organization forward. If not, the organization is hampered by the remote work environment and so is every employee. This is where the necessity for DirectSuggest comes in.”
The award selection was also solidified with DirectSuggest being used across the globe to assist organizations in managing, adapting, and mitigating issues surrounding Coronavirus. Thousands of remote employees have stayed engaged and made innovative suggestions to do what is necessary to prevent the virus from harming their daily operations. Moore also commented on this saying, “It’s been truly incredible to see the resilience and adaptability as motivated employees have focused on getting through these times”.

About DirectSuggest

DirectSuggest makes it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device with the assurance they arrive to the proper decision-maker and collaborate on suggestions through voting and commenting to enhance the quality of the idea. They are tailored for organizations of any size regardless of industry and employees in any job role.
DirectSuggest has the privilege of serving incredible organizations throughout the world including Comcast, Nokia, and TD Bank. They have incredibly high ROI/Savings potential with an average 33X return on investment and their solution only costs $0.50 per-employee per-month.
DirectSuggest is brought to you by RM4Tech. RM4Tech’s mission is to affordably innovate and revolutionize people’s lives through software while retaining their roots of a family-owned and family-operated business.