Devine Rug Care Celebrating 35 Years in Business



    Sydney’s #1 rug cleaning specialist Devine Rug Care hits another major milestone and continues to thrive by giving fabrics a new lease of life.

    Press Release

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    Australia’s most prestigious rug wash service, Devine Rug Care, is proud to celebrate 35 years in business and is offering its services to domestic and commercial clients alike.

    Three-and-a-Half Decades of Miracle Transformations

    Ever since opening its doors in 1984, Devine Rug Care has thrived on using a comprehensive and highly professional approach to rug cleaning, bringing old fabrics back from the dead. From families hoping to revitalise a treasured heirloom to businesses wanting to freshen up their reception areas, Sydney’s premier specialist has helped thousands of clients with their rug cleaning requirements.

    Using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and materials, Devin Rug Care can refresh, revitalise, and restore carpets and rugs with simply stunning results. Transformations extend to wool, cotton, Persian, silk, and more. Meanwhile, microseal protection ensures that their clients are left smiling for many years.

    The service continues to improve, as is underlined by the recent addition of a highly professional centrifugal machine. As one of the country’s longest-serving rug cleaning specialists, there is no job they haven’t seen before, which allows for quick decisions and the most effective restorations.

    Having started out as a small rug cleaning service, the aesthetic repairs and restorations have seen the company grow into one of the largest rug cleaning facilities in Sydney. The company’s vast experience and knowledge of rugs is supported by a world-class service, including a free VIP pick-up and delivery service, that has underpinned the company’s continue success as it enters its 36th year.

    Co-owner Frank Devine stated: “Devine Rug Care is delighted to hit the 35-year mark and is excited about the prospect of building on our success for many years to come.

    Our rug spa allows us to guarantee that, when a rug is returned, the first word from from the client’s mouth is ‘WOW’. We want to make sure that everything is easy for the customer every single time”.