Danovel Offers Sofa Reupholstery to Give Life to Your Space



Danovel – a furniture store in Singapore specialising in handcrafted and well-designed furniture collection, provides sofa reupholstery services to create space custom fitting their personality and lifestyle.

Press Release

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Handcrafted furniture pieces bring in life to your home décor. Every piece of furniture serves as a decorative stuff in every home. Furniture pieces are decorative and functional. Over the use, the furniture continues to lose its original charm, color and design. Suddenly, you find the beautiful furniture you had for years is ripping apart slowly. But you have some sentimental value for that piece of rugged furniture that won’t let you get rid of it. Instead of getting a new one and throwing out the existing one, you always look for ways to keep it with you for longer. Fortunately, Danovel – your ultimate handcrafted furniture destination, is offering reupholstery services in Singapore to save your valuable furniture pieces.

The quality of your existing furniture and its sentimental value encourage you to choose the best reupholstery service available in Singapore. Though that furniture has so much sentimental value and means a lot to you whether it’s gifted by someone special or has amazing historic significance, you should better consider Danovel’s reupholstery solutions. Their reupholstery specialists understand the sentimental you’ve on your sofa that you owned for a very long time.

After all, sofa is the first and foremost thing you’d see and get yourself comfortable with every time you come home. It’s the place where all of you share precious memories and laughter with your friends and loved ones. Apart from the significance in your life, sofas are something that you’re most likely to give a makeover. It’s because of the fact that sofa reupholstery can be quite tedious and overwhelming task of choosing the right style, fabric, and color. Everything should go along well with remaining furniture you’ve at your home.

Over the years Danovel prides itself in its craftsmanship in providing premium fabric sofas and elegantly designed furniture pieces best matching every home décor. You will find everything at their furniture store – from fabric sofas, dining sets, to ottomans, bespoke furniture best fitting your modern home décor. Besides, they provide reupholstery services so that you get to keep your existing and beloved furniture up and running. At Danovel, they have a team of highly skillful and professional interior design consultants to help you build your dream space the way you prefer.