Crypto Pioneer Launches High-Yield Protocols



A pioneer in the democratization of crypto, Marblecake is well established as a household name in Decentralized Finance. The tech pioneer has now launched its second fundraiser to give investors who missed out on the initial offering a second chance.

Press Release

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Met with great approval, Marblecake launched its platform last February. The start coincided with the initial offering of its native token mARBL, whose initial supply sold out quickly. This enabled the project to further develop its outlet and engage in more marketing. Over the last weeks, it has seen steady adoption with healthy user growth and traffic, putting it on the path to become a serious industry player.

In conjunction with the launch, Marblecake also deployed its first set of stablecoins. Known as Marble Pegs, these are tokens whose prices are pegged to an external benchmark. As the name indicates, their prices stay stable at all times, being adjusted by an algorithm that tracks market movements.

Marble USD, for example, is pegged to the exchange rate of the US Dollar. This makes it an ideal pairing currency to gauge the real-world value of a token. Additionally, it gives users the possibility to lock in profits in Fiat without leaving the blockchain, thereby avoiding tax-effects among others. By creating a parallel ecosystem next to traditional finance, the project offers users a low-risk transition into the digital economy.

High-Yield Protocols

In addition to DeFi solutions, Marblecake also develops high-yield protocols. Yield protocols are special investment vehicles that pay investors a guaranteed interest rate derived from transaction fees. Similar to certificates of deposit, yield protocols regularly outperform traditional instruments. As per industry analysis, different protocols have netted investors returns that make even early Bitcoin positions pale in comparison.

Moreover, blockchain-deployed yield protocols help fight discrimination. Anyone with an internet connection can use them to vest assets, giving them a great chance to grow capital of any size. Whether situated in London, Lagos or anywhere else, they are equally available everyone. This alone speaks for their relevance in the democratization of global wealth and Marblecake is at the forefront of this revolution.

Upon completion, mARBL will be listed on PancakeSwap as well as on Marblecake’s own exchange at a rate of 0.10 USD per token. The crowdsale price per token is $0.05, which gives early adopters an excellent opportunity to double their investment almost instantly.

For long-term holders, the token presents a safe haven investment. It is projected to appreciate at a steady pace to a price of $1.25 until 2023. This puts it in the top-10 of best performers in 2022, which in the current bear market is no small feat. Investors looking for healthy gains as Bitcoin and Ethereum tumble should stock up on mARBL while they can.

The crowdsale ends on June 1, 2022. Tokens can be purchased at