Creating Value for the Future of Mobility: Continental Propels India Towards a Sustainable Automotive Future



• From India to the world: Continental is on a growth trajectory to further expand its R&D and manufacturing competencies in India

Press Release

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Technology company Continental is committed to creating value in the Indian market by innovating high-tech mobility solutions with a renewed commitment to localization. With its “in the market, for the market” strategy, the company is focused on establishing itself as the leader in hardware excellence, software competence, and system expertise. This implies a continued expansion of electronics manufacturing, scaling up software development capabilities, and finally, robust integration of software and electronics for a faster market introduction of cutting-edge solutions. With an evolving vehicle system architecture, the company is poised to spearhead the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) vision in India to develop state-of-the-art vehicle system functions powered by High Performance Computer (HPC).

Prashanth Doreswamy, President and CEO, Continental India, added, “Continental India is driven by our commitment towards R&D as well as advanced technological capabilities with a dedicated focus on localization—thus bridging India with the world. Our clear roadmap emphasizes growth and value creation by leveraging technology to secure a strategic advantage in the market. By expanding our technological footprint in India, Continental aims to meet global demands in mobility.”

The Bangalore Plant which is Continental’s largest electronics plant in India and Technical Center India (TCI) will have a huge role to play in realizing the new growth strategy. Some of the recent developments include consistent investments to ramp up localization of safety and connected car technologies at the Bangalore Plant. While TCI mobilized investment of close to 1000 crore INR which included the inauguration of its new center in 2022, has grown remarkably both in terms of people and software systems competencies. Continental’s Gurgaon Plant is also striding towards localization of advanced electronic brake systems and brake-by-wire solutions. With this Continental is in a good position to front-end the dynamic market trends.

Software Defined Vehicles

In significant progress toward the future of automotive innovation, Continental has reaffirmed its commitment to pioneering Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) technology. The technology company is well-positioned to revolutionize the driving experience with its cutting-edge approach to vehicle development. As vehicles evolve into sophisticated software platforms, Continental’s renewed emphasis on SDV underscores a paradigm shift in the automotive landscape. It also promises unparalleled advancements in safety, connectivity, and overall driving convenience.

Continental has focused on multiple collaborations (Continental’s cloud-based development environment – CAEdge) to accelerate the development and validation of software features and applications for the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV). The company, with its Plug & Play concept, has also introduced a modular and highly scalable solution for the integration of high-performance computers (HPC) in vehicle architectures. With modularity and scalability being the cornerstones of the hardware architecture, individual computing modules can now be exchanged or upgraded in the field, almost as with desktop PCs.