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GoDelve is one of the top companies that provide people analytics platforms.

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GoDelve ( is a reputable company based in the UK offering effective employee engagement survey services, known as Delves, to businesses and organisations of various sizes and industries. Their team aims to deliver effective methods to help the organisation drive positive change, improve employee engagement, and retain top employees. With their vast experience in the industry, everyone can get valuable employee insights and accurate engagement analytics.

This company offers a tailored employee engagement survey questions that gives organisations the confidence to measure and act on what drives employee engagement. They help collect, recognise, and clarify the voice of clients’ employees. Their goal is to help businesses and organisations address multiple issues such as decision making, organisational direction, fairness, opportunity, recognition, and enjoyment using data analytics and data science.

GoDelve helps organisations build, maintain, and brand their unique culture with their service. They make it easy for businesses to find and recruit the best talent by providing a one-stop-shop for all things culture. From recruiting and onboarding to maintaining engagement and developing their workforce, their team has the right solutions. With their powerful analytics, customers can track their employees’ progress and see how they are doing compared to their peers, resulting in a more productive, happier workplace that is better equipped to achieve success.

Those who will acquire their service can quickly create an employee engagement survey by visiting the create page on their website. To make things easier, they have already crafted an array of topical sections with multiple factors that can be combined with the client’s choices, depending on their preferences and requirements. All they need to do is click the topics they want to be included or write customised sections. According to them, “Let us do the hard work and use one of GoDelve’s Delves to understand more and enable you to make the best decisions for your organisation.”

For more information regarding their services and how they work, interested parties can visit their official website at

About GoDelve

GoDelve is one of the top companies that provide people analytics platforms. They use a combination of data science and years of experience to help organisations understand their people better. They believe that understanding clients’ employees are key to unlocking organisational success. Their platform is designed to make this easy for organisations of all sizes. Whether a company or organisation wants to enhance retention, find high-potential individuals, or get a deeper knowledge of its staff, GoDelve offers the tools it needs. For enquiries, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you may email them at [email protected] if you have other questions or enquiries.