CoreView Systems has been acquired by Suma Soft



CoreView Systems a AI/ML And Data Science Company has been acquired by Suma Soft

Press Release

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It’s my pleasure to announce that CoreView Systems Private Limited has been acquired by Suma Soft Pvt Ltd, and is now part of a 500+ people team.

For the past ten years and more, CoreView has built strengths and solid background in Enterprise Product Development. Over these years CoreView picked up and solved many technology challenges and has built new solutions for our customers around latest technology trends. Significantly enough, we got opportunities to understand, build and execute solutions using various machine learning techniques.

In the recent years the market opportunities around product development services have increased significantly. Almost every new product that we come across today is either already using machine learning or is planning to use it in near future.

In order to take the advantage of this increased market place and to be able to grow faster, CoreView management decided to be part of SumaSoft group of companies, which is a much larger players in the market.

SumaSoft is an established player in technology based services for many years, has grown significantly and has a proven track record of handling large scale projects.
For the existing customers of CoreView, this acquisition means access to more manpower and additional services that SumaSoft provides such as DevOps and technology based support.

For existing employees, there are additional opportunities for personal and technical growth. Working with larger customers across the globe, they will be able to build and deliver more challenging solutions and create a long lasting impact on the market.

We are quite sure that complimentary skills from both the organization’s will support overall business growth at a much larger scale.

As founders and early directors for CoreView Systems Private Limited, all three of us are emotionally invested in the company.

We will continue to support the transition and growth of the company for the rest of the year.


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