CoreAxis to Offer Businesses Emerging Technologies to Enhance Learning Solutions



    CoreAxis, a corporate training company that offers businesses creative and innovative learning solutions

    Press Release

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    CoreAxis, a corporate training company that offers businesses creative and innovative learning solutions, leadership development and organizational consulting, recently announced it will be incorporating emerging technologies and blending them with its current suite of solutions.

    The emerging tech solutions CoreAxis plans to implement for clients include virtual reality, gamification, 360 videos, augmented reality and app development. These new modalities have been proven to be 50% more effective when they are used along with other learning solutions already offered by CoreAxis. Implementing the latest trends in tech keeps learners engaged and increases efficiency.

    “We are extremely excited about our expansion into emerging technologies to enhance our enterprise solutions,” says Mark Zides, founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting. “Our team of experts in emerging technologies are building solutions, giving our clients that extra edge in accomplishing performance and business goals.”

    Virtual reality, or VR, immerses learners in alternate environments where they can learn, apply and reinforce skills using experiential interactions. Gamification, as a learning modality, increases learner engagement and can be an effective way to measure mastery of key concepts. Omnidirectional cameras are used in 360 videos to provide learners with access to content or places that are otherwise inaccessible. The use of augmented reality, or AR, enhances the learning experience by overlaying concepts and content in the real world. Mobile training app development incorporates several technology modalities into an interactive experience.

    CoreAxis will implement these emerging technologies into their learning solutions to further enhance client outcomes and provide effective learning solutions.

    About CoreAxis: For nearly 20 years, CoreAxis Consulting has been providing business performance consulting services and customized training and development solutions to clients in a variety of industries, including financial, life sciences, retail and technology. CoreAxis takes great pride in building collaborative relationships with its clients and becoming a trusted learning partner to ensure organizational success.

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