Comprehensive Reading Tools For Dyslexic Kids



    The release discusses about comprehensive reading tools for dyslexic kids offered by See-n-Read Reading Tools. It further highlights the benefits of using the tools.

    Press Release

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    Aurora, IL/2019: Kids with dyslexia exhibit difficulty in reading accurately and fluently. This learning disability can be improved greatly by using specific tools designed to assist such children. The comprehensive tools offered by See-n-Read Reading Tools offer immense help to kids with dyslexia by supporting them to read and write.

    These tools are considered to be a trusted source of assistance for children or adults experiencing reading and writing problems due to dyslexia.

    Reading Tools For Dyslexic Kids

    • See-N-Read Reading Tools: These tools comprise of reading strips that assist dyslexic kids to read a single line at a time without getting distracted by surrounding blocks of text. It improves reading, comprehension, fluency & retention of key information.

    • See-N-Spell: This tool is a comprehensive reference guide that helps readers to master spellings. By using the tool, dyslexic kids gain significant command over the language and can improve their writing skills.

    • ColorTag: The tool uses a patented Study Recall System to help learners read and write by simplifying the process of accessing key information in a passage. It helps the reader to save time by focusing on the essential information only.

    • MemoryMark: This tool is used in combination with See-N-Read as a means of highlighting or underlining important text while reading. The process aids in revision and ignites interest in reading.

    Benefits Of Using The Tools

    • The tools comply with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations and are completely safe to be used by children.

    • The products are free of toxic additives and heavy metals as they are made from polyester-based materials.

    • Research-based assistive technology.

    • The tools can also be used by adults.

    • They use the chunking reading strategy for filtering out distractions.

    • They are compliant with any reading material and curriculum.

    For more information on reading tools for dyslexic kids, feel free to call at (630) 236 – 5592 or log on to . You can also pay a visit at 2533 Sutton Lane | Aurora, IL 60502.