CleverLMS is Now Empowering the Asian and the Middle Eastern Workforce



CleverLMS helped a lot of companies elevate their staff skills, increasing their market competitiveness and employee satisfaction.

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CleverLMS is Now Empowering the Asian and the Middle Eastern Workforce 

The current number of total learning management systems users worldwide is around 73.8 million. No wonder this number is rising, as the educated workforce is much more competitive in the modern world, full of AI services and many other technologies, tools, and business schemes. CleverLMS was designed to meet the growing demand for flexible and customized corporate education. Now, it is entering Asian and Middle Eastern markets, providing constant support and full customization for regional businesses.

CleverLMS: The System to Manage and Elevate Employees

Several short facts about the system:

  • Trusted technology since 2014.
  • Available online and offline as a web, Android, and iOS app.
  • Present in more than 20 countries.
  • Has more than 1,500,000 active users from customer companies in total.
  • Headquartered in Switzerland.


The CleverLMS mission is based on educational universality: its features can be easily adapted to the specific business needs of various companies. A 24/7 support center is another key element, available via webchat, email, and phone, resolving all user cases within a maximum of 2.5 hours. CleverLMS works to manage and elevate the most valuable asset of every company: its employees, making businesses more robust, efficient, and resilient.

Features: Track, Connect, Motivate, and Organize

These are four basic points of how CleverLMS helps businesses in achieving their learning & development goals.

  • Tracking is realized via learning journeys, showing learners their progress, tasks schedules, and milestones, and reporting, enabling managers to see employees’ stats and results.
  • Connecting employees is essential to ensure flawless and consistent informational exchange inside the company. It’s realized via messaging, a news feed with the ability to comment, and direct support contact via the app.
  • Motivation is a crucial component of success. CleverLMS realizes it with interactive tasks to keep learners’ interest, ratings to promote competition, and the gift store, enabling companies to provide the best employees with various corporate gifts.
  • Lastly, all materials are clearly organized with learner and admin profiles, an offline-accessible knowledge base, a shared media library where every learner can upload useful materials, and clear course creation templates.


By acquiring these four features, a company obtains a competitive advantage in a more efficient and satisfied, educated workforce. It can perform its routine operations quicker and launch new operations, earning more profits. 


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