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    Argentina Tango is an American, European and Argentinean partnership with an objective to provide the best Tango in Buenos Aires.

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    Blessed with stunning and diverse natural environment Argentina offers an outstanding chance to learn, improve and dance Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires. Argentina Tango is popular by offering personalized tango lessons that are conducted by experienced and qualified teachers. At the same time, giving value for money, fun and dancing.

    Argentina Tango is an American, European and Argentinean partnership with an objective to provide the best Tango in Buenos Aires. Beginning with a focus on individual and group Tango Lessons, Argentina Tango presently also provides complete Buenos Aires and Argentina Tours. Argentina Tango is the place to be if you want to learn one of the most influential dance forms – Tango or simply polish your Tango skills.

    Learn Tango in Buenos Aires from the most trustworthy and DEPENDABLE TEAM that offers you exciting Buenos Aires Tango packages throughout the year, giving priority to your safety, comfort, budget and preferences.

    For many Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires is a passion and Argentina Tango is instrumental in giving all the support you could possibly need and have you dancing in no time. All the teachers who are chosen to work with you will get you dancing from the first class. Argentina Tango facilitates Tango learners by offering great Tango teachers including Anna Maria Shapira, Carlos Perez & Rosa Forte, Diego Alvaro & Zoraida Fontclara, Marcelo Varela & Analia Vega and many more.

    When you decide to Learn Tango in Argentina, Argentina Tango offers the experience of the most exhilarating tango dance lessons.

    “I had a great time with Argentine Tango. The instruction was fantastic. I also found everyone I met to be very friendly off the dance floor too. It really helps to get a flavor for the country when you can have engaging and open conversation with locals, and that was the case with my guides and instructors. Thank you!” – John Heywood from New York, USA

    Besides Buenos Aires Tango Show, Argentina Tango offers various packages that include:

    • Tango Regular
    • Tango Intensive
    • Women Tango
    • Group Tango Tour
    • Tango Experience
    • Tango & Buenos Aires
    • Holiday in Argentina

    About Argentina Tango:

    As an American, European and Argentinean partnership, Argentina Tango is committed to provide best Tango Holiday to their clients. Their popular packages include Tango Regular, Tango Intensive, Women Tango, Group Tango Tour, and Holiday in Argentina, and more luxurious packages.

    Check out their website and discover how many days in Buenos Aires you can spend and their Buenos Aires vacation packages details. They provide you with an over-all concentrate on the kind of vacation packages you will get accepting all major credit cards for making the payment.