CBD Pantry’s webinar to make people aware of the uses of CBD



Advantage of CBD for treating variety of ailments

Press Release

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As it is rightly noted, having good health necessitates receiving top-notch medical attention. Our medical professionals collaborated to create our selection of CBD edibles, oils, and more to treat a variety of illnesses that also acts as an aid to mental health issues. Bringing an ingredient that people haven’t been aware of, gave rise to the need for a session that helped them understand CBD and clarify their doubts.

The CBD pantry team gathered to host a webinar for an audience that was a mix of people currently using our line of products and those who were curious and considering joining as our clients. The session’s speaker was Mrs. Bethany James, one of Florida’s finest medical researchers. More than 280 people joined the webinar, which was held on Zoom, and they all paid close attention during this time as the session was heaved with quality questions. Mrs. James gave a brief introduction to CBD and its many advantages for treating a variety of ailments. She continued by describing how the ingredient is used in our line of products at the CBD pantry, which is home to a range of effective products for humans and pets.

The webinar was also graced with the presence of the CBD pantry’s production head, who concluded the session with an inquisitive and informative round of doubts and questions that the audience had.