Career Consultant in Perth Will Give You a Path To Fulfilling Your Dream



Pillentum is offering the career coaching and advising for students and professionals. A team of leaders is helping people extend their career goals with the best choices.

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A career consultant in Perth will work with you to find your passion and give you guidance and encouragement along the way. They will help you identify skills and assets, determine your field of endeavour, plan for the future, manage change and risks, and acquire new information or training. In addition, they can help with job-seeking skills like resumes, interviews, and networking strategies.

Pillentum offers career counselling services for those wanting guidance to achieve their chosen career path. The services include career evaluations and development plans, job seeking and interviewing skills training, guidance on how to fill out application forms, resume writing/editing along with other job search strategies, and access to a personal career coach.

Pillentum offers a range of career development plans designed specifically for those wishing to change their careers. These are tailored around your interests, personal narrative, and previous experience. The career development plan will include a description of your personal narrative, an overview of the employment sector, and career options that you could consider. Once the plan and goals have been determined Pillentum Career Consultants will guide you through to achieve those goals.

Career consultants are trained to provide individual counselling sessions based on the following topics:

  • Goal setting
  • Career options exploration
  • Employment Pathway Development
  • Self-Employment Planning
  • Resume Writing & Interview Skills

What is a Career Consultant?

A career consultant is a person who offers guidance to individuals looking to make professional changes or people who are making difficult decisions about their careers. Career consultants are also known as career coaches or career advisors.

The role of a career consultant is to assist individuals to make decisions and then match that job with the candidate’s skills and experience.

Career consultants will normally work one on one but may also work with small groups of 5 to 8 who may be just starting out looking for work or experienced people who are not sure what direction their career should take.

Career consultants use a variety of techniques to assist people with their career development including research, networking, and work experience. They can offer advice about job vacancies and the state of the employment market in general.

They work with people who are looking for a new position or have been made redundant.

Career consultants can also offer help with structural changes such as mergers, takeovers, and restructuring. This could include identifying skills needed for future jobs, investigating alternative careers, and finding a suitable new employer.

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