Capital Wrappers Released A Brand-new Website



An official website is released by Capital Wrappers

Press Release

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Rockville MD (December 2022) – Capital Wrappers is a professional car restyling company from Rockville MD. Its mission is to provide 5-star quality customized services that bring a client’s personalized vision to life. Last Monday, Capital Wrappers released a brand-new official website. All present and future clients are invited to visit it and find out more about Car Wrappers A-1 class services.

Capital Wrappers can protect clients’ vehicles with unique paint protection films. The paint protection film is vital to preserve the vehicle’s original paint in a genuine condition for a long. As soon as a paint protection film is applied, every car will have a new-like look.

Capital Wrappers is a car restyling company whose well-organized technicians apply the ceramic coating in Maryland. This liquid polymer is applied manually, either to the vehicle’s interior or exterior. Ceramic coating in Maryland lowers the surface tension and prevents the impact of contaminants, such as bugs, dirt, bird- droppings, or graffiti paint.

Capital Wrappers was founded in 2015, and since then its well-coordinated team finalized numerous projects. Capital Wrappers works with top-class materials. Its certified installers are client-oriented and efficient.

For more information, please visit site:

Company: Capital Wrappers

Address: 309 Howard Ave, Suite C, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-485-4970

Email: [email protected]


Contact Person: Iurii Mazurok