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What to do in Boston?

The city of Boston is renowned for its historic attractions and live performances, explaining why it attracts more than 16 million tourists each year. With so much to do and explore, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide where to start your vacation. Walk the famous Freedom Trail that spans more than 2.5 miles and features more than 15 historic sites, including Bunker Hill. Watch the beer-making procedure at Sam Adams Brewery and flavor the unique styles of beer. For the ones of you who love adventure, Boston Harbor Islands State Park is a need to visit. Whether you want to go hiking, swim or explore ancient ruins, the park offers plenty of things to do to keep you occupied and engaged. So plan a vacation to Boston and prepare yourself for a fun ride.

Tips for buying tickets to BOS

Prices in Boston depend greatly on the season of travel. Fall (September December) is a great time to go to Boston. The temperature is perfect for outdoor fun and many events take place in the city. A prime tourist season, traveling in these months is going to cost you big both in terms of airfares and hotel accommodations. Winter is considered the off-season of travel and interests most skiers who want to try adventure trails. The positive aspect of traveling in winter is the money you save on airfare. Try to book your airfare in advance to get the maximum discount.