Bond Rees Sees Spike in Matrimonial Investigations After Christmas



UK’s leading Private Investigations companies, has received a number of matrimonial investigations and surveillance cases.

Press Release

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Bond Rees, a prominent Private Investigations firm based in the UK, has experienced a surge in matrimonial investigations and surveillance requests in the aftermath of the holiday season. The cases they handle range from uncovering evidence of extramarital affairs or gambling debts to delving into familial disputes and facilitating the process of serving divorce papers. This uptick in caseloads can be attributed to various factors, including the heightened proximity of partners during the extended holiday period. Bond Rees approaches each case with meticulous care and professionalism, understanding the delicate nature of the issues involved.

Specializing in Private Investigations, alongside services such as tracing agents, bug sweeping, and polygraph tests, Bond Rees prides itself on its dedicated team of ex-military personnel. Founder Aaron Bond emphasizes the significance of their team’s extensive training and experience, which enables them to deliver results reliably, even in challenging circumstances.

Maintaining client confidentiality is paramount for Bond Rees, who adhere strictly to GDPR guidelines to safeguard the privacy of individuals involved in their investigations. They operate with integrity and discretion, ensuring that personal information remains confidential and is never disclosed without consent.

With a commitment to excellence and a reputation for integrity, Bond Rees stands out as a trusted ally for individuals navigating complex personal and legal matters. Their blend of expertise, professionalism, and adherence to ethical standards positions them as a reliable resource for those seeking resolution and clarity in sensitive situations. As they continue to serve their clients with dedication and discretion, Bond Rees remains at the forefront of the private investigations landscape in the UK.

About Bond Rees: is a national organisation with offices across the UK, and in London at 19 Palmer Street, SW1H 0AD. Clients looking for discreet, professional and affordable private investigative services turn to Bond Rees for their services. Their reputation for highly efficient and effective investigative work has established them as one of the leading private investigation companies in the UK.