Dr. Meeta Sharma treats females suffering from PCOS in Delhi in record time.

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Dr. Meeta has more than 35 years of experience in the field of gynecology.

PCOD(polycystic ovarian disorders): it is very common nowadays. the hormonal imbalance creates cysts in the very that makes it difficult in conceiving. age group teenager to 45 years woman are commonly is a very serious disease.almost 25 percent women suffering from PCOD.and tn these 70 percent of women had not be diagnosed.. but now PCOD treatment in Delhi is available.

Symptoms: 1.weight gain and difficulty in losing weight


3.fertility problem


5.irregular period

6.thinning hair on the scalp

7.extra hair growth on body and face darkening

9.oily skin

Causes: Genes


insulin resistance

they all causes excess production of androgen that causes pcod.we can control it by taking fiber rich  diet,exercises,say no to fried,fatty and sugar food,weight reduction.

we advise of an experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist like Dr Meeta Sharma is all you need for treating your polycystic ovary syndrome and if you take treatment properly then to become pregnant afterwards.  All your queries will be answered to your satisfaction along with the specific do’s and don’ts during your treatment period. she is the best gynecologist in delhi you can contact her at her clinical Address – Sharda Clinic, 218, Gate No. 10, Aravali Apartment, Alaknanda, New can also take an appointment at Phone – 91 78279 76854,+91 85270 91113.she is the normal delivery expert also.

Dr.meeta sharma visit many hospitals to give her best treatment in the field of gynecology and laparoscopy that consider her as top gynecologist in south Delhi. she is having more than 35 years experience