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We believe in affordable Dental Care for all.Dentistry is now more about functionality, aesthetics, looks, personal care & self confidence.

Press Release

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Welcome to Dhalla’s Dental Clinic

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading, professionally managed, complete dental care Clinic of its kind in Daryaganj providing a range of dental services in all specialties.Launched in 2010  just as an orthodontic specialty clinic, Dr. Dhalla’s Dental clinic today has evolved as a complete dental care center, providing a host of services in various fields of dentistry, to the residents of Daryaganj.

Why Choose Us?

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile? Your smile can be a form of communication with others and can work wonders for your esteem. Our team of dentists is waiting to perform their “Magic” on your smile. If you are looking for the best cosmetic dentist, you have come to the right place. We offer affordable cosmetic dentistry along with best dental treatments; an overall a delightful dental experience!!! Dentist near me

Our Mission

  • Creating awareness about Dental Health
  • Educate people about importance of Oral Health
  • Preventing future Oral health problems
  • Creating confident & extremely satisfied patients
  • Creating enthusiastic & dedicated staffs


Getting a wisdom teeth extraction is not an easy process to undergo go as even after extraction, the body takes quite some time to recover from the after-effects. However, for an efficient wisdom teeth removal service, contact Dr. Dhalla’s experts immediately. The clinic stores every latest and greatest equipment at your disposal; you will always walk out with a great smile. Book your appointment today.