Benefits of Reading Tools By See-N-Read



The release discusses about the benefits of reading tools provided by See-N-Read.

Press Release

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Aurora, IL/2021: Reading tools are helpful for those with learning difficulties as they help in improving reading speed and comprehension. The reading tools provided by See-N-Read are well-researched and highly effective in improving reading and learning skills in children and adults.

About See-N-Read: 

It is an online resource created by Dr. Sylvia R. Smith with the aim of helping those with reading difficulties in school. The tools were designed to help Dr. Sylvia’s youngest daughter who was not fond of reading; they are now available globally on the website. The tools are based on the principle of minimum distraction and maximum absorption of information by learners of every age-group. Dr. Smith is a keynote speaker at the DuPage Children’s Museum Conference, a panelist at Northern Illinois University Community Learning Series and a board member at the Giant Steps School for Autism, Inc.

Benefits of Reading Tools: 

  • The tools help in reducing pattern glare, word skipping and line skipping
  • They help readers to highlight and take notes as they read
  • Improve writing skills and academic vocabulary
  • Help in improving comprehension and fluency
  • The tools help readers control eye movements when reading
  • Help readers organize and retrieve information with the help of assistive tools like ColorTAG
  • Help in improving concentration and memory

Reading Tools:  

  • See-N-Read reading strip
  • MemoryMark
  • eSee-N-Read
  • See-N-Spell
  • ColorTAG

Reasons for Choosing the Reading Tools 

  • The reading tools are U.S. Patent Awarded
  • They are made of non-toxic BPA free materials
  • Suitable for learners of all age-groups
  • Proven Rtl solution
  • Safe to use and are certified by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • Can be used with any reading material or curriculum
  • The reading tools are aligned with Common Core and STAAR
  • They are apt for reader 6 years and above
  • They enjoy endorsements and recognition from cognitive processing, medical, educational professionals and vision therapists
  • The tools are based on thorough research in the fields of dyslexia, psychology, cognitive processing, ophthalmology, etc.

For more information about reading tools by See-N-Read, you can call at 1-630-236-5592 or visit . If you have any queries, you can mail them at [email protected] or connect on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube.