Benefits of Demand Planning for Your Business



Demand planning provides businesses with an effective way to improve their production for better outcomes.

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Avercast, an industry-leading supply chain management software provider, offers one of the best demand planning software. The software analyzes data to accurately predict future demand of products & aid the supply chain management. It utilizes past sales data, seasonality reports, trend analysis data & more to monitor demand patterns & provide a forecast that can aid supply chain management.

Avercast’s demand planning & forecasting software uses 208 unique forecasting algorithms to ensure up to 99% accuracy in their forecasts. The software helps make major inventory decisions, minimize cost & maximize profit. It can help businesses reduce their inventory by 30% and the chances of stockouts by 85%. It also provides a thorough ‘what if’ analysis that helps brands prepare for the unprecedented future.

The software works as a demand management software aiding the entire supply chain process. Businesses can use the predictions to get a clear picture of the growth & plan production, operations, and marketing. Using the software, they can predict up to 5 years’ worth of demand.

The software helps to forecast demand at any hierarchy level. Demand planners can use these forecasts to manage their inventory better, maintain availability, avoid overstock & stockout. To ease functioning, users can compare the forecasts of their customers & sales team with the ones derived from the software. While being highly competent, its intuitive interface makes it user-friendly.

A distinctive aspect of this demand planning system is customization. Avercast provides custom demand planning solutions as per their client needs. Avercast’s team of experts understands the industry-specific needs of every client to create a solution that caters to their requirements perfectly.

Avercast has provided demand planning tools to mid-scale & large-scale organizations operating in various verticals across the globe. Their clientele belongs to retail, food & beverage, automotive, and more industries. Businesses seeking to learn more about their software can get in touch with their industry experts or book a demo of their demand planning software.

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