Awakening Family Bonds Advanced Course with Romshri



    November 21-22nd, 2020 Mode: Online Pre-Requisite: Basic Course of Awakening Family Bonds

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    This course reveals the deeper meaning of your family lineage, how and why you chose this energetic lineage only and what call you are becoming on your spiritual path due to your genetics. This reminds you that you are empowered to shift your conditions and expression in the world. If we are not limited by the idea that we are bound to this appearance and expression, we can continue to track where we really come from, and expand our sense of “self”.


    When the universe itself becomes our support our family circle widens further. A Sanskrit verse spells out this family of virtues: “With perseverance for your father, forgiveness for your mother, peace for a spouse, truth and compassion as sisters, control of the mind as a brother, the ground for a bed, the ten directions for clothing, and the bliss of knowledge for food, where is there any occasion for fear, O yogi?” When fear disappears life becomes meaningful and beauty enters therein.


    Curriculum of Awakening Family Bonds Advanced Course

    1. Awaken the feminine brilliance in your family

    2. Awaken the masculine brilliance in your family

    3. Balance yin-yang in GENETICS

    4. Diseases & disorders run in family

    5. Intuitive drawings of ancestors.

    6. Rebirthing The Ancestors.

    6. Advanced ANCESTRAL healing on 1024 Great Grand Parents

    7. Balancing and understanding the major energetic chakras of Family

    8. 21 ways of nurturing the family. The elders, the peer and the young ones.

    9. Advanced rituals and Manifestation of an awakened family

    10. Meditation, Healing & Intuitive Exercises

    Everyday timing: 10 am to 12:30 pm. Break. 3:30 pm to 5 pm (Timings can be flexible and subject to change)



    Register & claim the scholarship by paying only 8,000 INR. Pay rest of fee anytime before the workshop.

    Apply & query at [email protected]

    Summary of previous course with participants testimonials: