Awakening Chakra Basic : The compact Course of 7 sciences for 7 chakras



    Awakening Chakra Basic : The compact Course of 7 sciences for 7 chakras:

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    Awakening Chakra Basic : The compact Course of 7 sciences for 7 chakras:

    1. Crystal Healing: Crystals are DNA of Mother Earth and influence our electromagnetic fields in many ways.

    2. Aromatherapy: Essential oils extracted from plants and herbs reaches our pituitary gland and nurtures our hormonal functions, growth, blood flow, ovulation and estrogen etc.

    3. Sound healing: Sound healing activates, stimulates and aligns all the systems of human brain.

    4. Colour healing: Colour healing stimulates majorly the pineal gland and helps re-writing the patterns of our life.

    5. Diet & nutrition: Right diet & nutrition assists in boosting self-realisation, self love and self acceptance.

    6. Yoga: Yoga plays a key role to boost metabolism, activated all the major and minor chakras and flow of prana in human body.

    7. Meditation: Meditation is the foundation of true happiness, true nourishment of life and balance between spiritual and materialistic aspects of human reality.

    In this course, you are going to learn the basic therapies of all the above sciences in relation to our 7 major chakras.

    Dates: 25-26th October, 2020
    Time: 10 am – 4:30 pm
    Facilitator: Bhavana Singh

    Bhavana Singh following her career has pursued her education as a BSc graduate and further incited M.Ed at Allahabad University. Being a spiritual entity her interests moved towards transforming lives and drove her into the field of spirituality. And now she is on the verge of making an impact and a difference in the lives of people. She is a practitioner of Advanced ThetaHealing and ThetaHealing Dig Deeper. And has her spiritual skills enhanced in Hypnotherapy (Basic)

    She says” I have learned valuable techniques from the advanced training and seminars, from the Awakening Love Academy. It made me realize that our universe is full of mysteries, magical and endless lessons for life.

    I wish for myself and everyone, that we transform and evolve as magnificent beings.”


    Certification by: Awakening Love®️Academy

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