Author Michael D. Eastwood Raises Awareness About Miniature Ponies Through His Storytelling



Michael D. Eastwood is a multi-talented individual. He is a businessman, CEO, distinguished public speaker, and now, an acclaimed children’s author. His creative energy has spawned a total of five books, of which four of them are stories about miniature ponies.

Press Release

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Prescott, AZ, Sep 27, 2023 — Michael D. Eastwood’s A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston is a children’s book about the daily shenanigans of Winston and Cowboy Mike on their Blue Mountain Ranch. It is gaining recognition for its easy-to-read narrative and bright illustrations, powerful enough to make a difference in children’s lives.

A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston aims to fulfill a child’s dream to own a pony. Often children are told that having a pony is not possible at their age, But Cowboy Mike believes anyone can have a pony as long as they know how to take care of it. In 2016, Michael D. Eastwood rescued Winston, a miniature pony, and adopted him. Winston’s love and affection for Eastwood compelled him to start a charitable organization, “pony4precious,” that rescues horses and ponies and educates little ones about them.

With so many ponies and horses abandoned and needing homes, adopting is a great way to care for them. But like any other pet, ponies require firm conviction and commitment. Although they look like baby horses, they are a different breed. Their diminutive stature makes them ideal outdoor pets for children. Regardless of their build, miniature ponies need proper attention to become good riding companions.

What started as a personal wish to rescue Winston has now transformed into a full-fledged mission to educate children about ponies through his literary contributions. A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston, and the other three titles, are a thought-provoking, fun read. The stories perfectly capture the essence of their friendship, daily escapades, and loyalty. Each book discusses values and life lessons, from time management to a sense of responsibility. These stories are excellent for instilling these traits into children from a young age.

Buy purchasing Michael Eastwood books your supporting Pony 4 Precious and how they support children.

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