Atlanta Photographer Ron Sherman’s Latest Book, His Fifth, is due to be Released in December 2023



The 144-page book, 10 inches by 12 inches, features 98 choice images from Mr. Sherman’s vast inventory of photographs, some of them quite famous. Most of the photos were taken in Atlanta.

Press Release

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Atlanta, GA, USA, Sep 22, 2023 — A new book by the acclaimed Atlanta photographer Ron Sherman – titled Witness – A Photographic Essay of Humor and Heart – is nearing completion, with a target publication date of December 2023. The handsome, 144-page coffee table book – 10 inches by 12 inches, with a cloth-wrapped hard cover – features 98 images from Mr. Sherman’s vast inventory of thousands of photographs, some of which are quite famous.

“Witness – A Photographic Essay of Humor and Heart is a testament to my sixty years as a professional photographer documenting the people of Atlanta, of Georgia and much of the rest of the country,” said Mr. Sherman, who grew up in Cleveland but has made Atlanta his home for the past five-plus decades. “I had the privilege of meeting political figures, sports stars, musicians, school children, college students and corporate executives, who allowed me into their lives.”

Most of the subjects in the book were available for a very short time, but enough time to allow him to finish his assignments. They included such luminaries as Jimmy Carter, Coretta Scott King, Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young, among many others.

“But,” Sherman pointed out, “fireman Buzzard Sewell, Atlanta policeman Chester Head, singer Arlo Guthrie or activist Huey Newton are people some may have never heard of, but they will see them in my book,” adding, “Of the thousands of photos in my archives, two assistants, photo editor Amy Miller and designer and publisher Laurie Shock, did a remarkable job of picking ninety-eight enlightening images.”

For more information about Ron Sherman’s soon-to-be-published book, Witness – A Photographic Essay of Humor and Heart, visit You can reach Mr. Sherman by phone at 770-355-8700; or via email, at [email protected].