Assistant Solutions Ltd Provides Dedicated Virtual Assistants to Your Business



    Assistant Solutions started in 2020 with the mission to help businesses and individuals reclaim valuable time.

    Press Release

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    Assistant Solutions ( extends their help to clients who are asking the question “what is a virtual assistant?” They offer help to business owners that need someone to execute day-to-day operations on their behalf.

    The company offers a solution for busy business owners and individuals that want to spend more time with their friends and family. There are various benefits that a virtual assistant can offer. For instance, virtual assistants only need to get paid by the hours they have worked instead of a fixed salary per month. This provides a cost-effective way to still get the necessary work done without it being overly expensive.

    Assistant Solutions offer three different packages that range from £660 to £1500 a month. These packages have a fixed amount of hours that the assigned virtual assistant can work. However, they also offer an hourly package that starts at £40 per hour. Their hourly package does not have a minimum number of hours required and is billed in 15 minute increments. Clients will also receive a weekly report that details the hours worked and tasks done. Do consider that these prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    On the other hand, the virtual assistants they provide also differ and can cater to the different needs of different clients. For example, they have virtual assistants for business and personal services. These virtual assistants are flexible and can do a lot of tasks such as email management, research, and even travel booking. If a client’s needs are not stated in their list of services, they can easily contact the company and discuss their requirements.

    The company have four steps that clients can take to get a virtual assistant who is tailored to their needs. The first step is filling out a booking form. After this, clients get a free phone call or email consultation to help the company gauge their needs and preferences. The third step is the on-boarding, in which work schedules are discussed. Lastly, clients get a virtual assistant that suits their needs and preferences.

    About Assistant Solutions

    Assistant Solutions started in 2020 with the mission to help businesses and individuals reclaim valuable time. This company aim to support small and large businesses in their everyday tasks. Although the company is fairly new, the owner and founder has over 15 years of expertise and has a track record of completing tasks efficiently and effectively. If you want to try out the services they offer, customers can visit and fill out their booking form. You can also speak to one of their representatives on 07309-092340 or reach them via email at [email protected]