Arrive in Style, Save in Style: Affordable VIP Chauffeur Services



The Arrive in Style, Save in Style by Grandlane Transfers introduces a chauffeur service for premium traveling experience at reasonable prices in Europe and around the globe.

Press Release

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Experience Swiss Travel

Grandlane Transfers’ VIP chauffeur service in Switzerland offers lavish airport transfer at affordable prices. The VIP chauffeur service features professional drivers, a fleet of SUV vehicles, round the clock availability, and customized personalized ride options. This Arrive in Style, Save in Style service also provides special occasion chauffeur rides for fashion events, business parties, roadshows, or family tours. The service includes certain facilities like leather seats, climate control, free Wi-Fi, and in-car snacks. The service ensures safety and hygiene and trained drivers. A special launch offer provides discounts for first-time users. For bookings and more information, visit our website or contact customer care.


Luxury for Less

Arrive in Style, Save in Style is setting the new norms of Europe VIP Chauffeur Service at a time when luxury means high costs. The new VIP driver service concept of the Grandlane Transfers revolves on providing high-end fleet transportation experiences without compromising the quality. Along with a team of professionally trained chauffeurs with well maintained fleets offers the clients the best VIP travel experience at reasonable prices.


Unbeatable Service and Value

Arrive in Style’s commitment is reflected in every aspect of the service of the Basel Airport Transfers. The complete cycle of booking a ride to the final drop-off, the drivers ensures a seamless and satisfying experience. Features of the service include:


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Professional drivers
  • Luxurious Fleets
  • 24/7 Availability


Perfection in Every Transfer Ride

As every ride experience is different and fresh, our VIP airport transfer service provides customized alternatives to meet specific demands. Our Zurich Transfer Services consist of:

  • Grand welcome at the airport with sign boards and flowers.
  • Safe and secure with the luggage
  • Early Morning and Late Night pick-ups and drop-off services


Exceptional Comfort and Convenience

Professional chauffeurs in Zurich at Grandlane Transfers warmly welcome every customer and put an effort to have memorable rides. The best conveniences are provided by our fleet of luxury cars, which includes Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and BMW, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Clients may just relax and take use of facilities like:

  • Leather seats with perforations
  • Climate Control and fresh Cooling
  • Free Wi-Fi and in-car snacks
  • Navigational systems


Customization and Flexibility

Our Swiss Chauffeur Service provides full flexibility in planning and adapting schedules based on clients requirements and suggestions with following the most efficient routes. We provide facilities such as beverages in the car, Wi-Fi or entertainment systems. Also allowing clients to use their time or feeling pleasant.