Aragonite – Main Source for Calcium Carbonate



Aragonites are formed from the precipitation process which occurs in marine water.

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Aragonite is the purest form of calcium carbonate mineral. This mineral occurs through biological and chemical processes in either fresh or marine water. They are found in Bahamas Island and have unique characteristics. It is very much used in agriculture, glass manufacturing companies and energy producing factories.

Main Source for calcium carbonate

Aragonites are formed from the precipitation process which occurs in marine water. The purest form of aragonite is named as oolitic aragonite. This mineral has a minimum presence of other elements in it. It is a non-toxic and user friendly for all types of industries. Also it is available in large quantity and can be used at any time based on our needs. Many industrialists are ready to buy this aragonite for their production because of its consistent uses. It is highly involved in following industries like agriculture, aquaculture and energy industries. It has higher solubility levels thus the pH levels also gradually high. It will be very much useful for farmers because of its higher pH levels. It also has negative zeta potential properties thus it has the capacity to repel viruses and bacteria. This activity also reduces the CO2 level and 50% of calcium carbonate.

Purest Form of Calcium Carbonate

Aragonite is one among the most popular crystal forms of calcium carbonate. These natural minerals are formed through some specific chemical and biological process. These processes are done in both fresh and marine waters. They are mostly present in Bahamas Island and will be as same as white sand. It has its own unique properties which make it a separate one from others. The other two crystal forms are calcite and vaterite. The other elements present in the aragonite are very low and also called as the purest form of calcium carbonate.

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Pisa Carolina is one of the top-notch aragonite supplier companies which started in 2018. Aragonite is also known as the primary form of calcium carbonate which was obtained through chemical and biological process. The aragonite is the purest form of calcium carbonate and has own properties. Industries like agriculture, building materials are involving this item in their production. They also have their own hub in United States. For more information for aragonite please visit