AppSheet Is Now Available With Predictive Machine Learning



    AppSheet, the no-code application is going to extend its skillset by adding predictive machine learning capabilities and optical character recognition to its platform. This would be assisting users in making more intelligent business applications.

    Press Release

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    With the introduction of predictive machine learning models feature, applications built with AppSheet can perform a statistical analysis of the data created to make improved predictions regarding future outcomes.

    One of the examples of this addition is categorizing customer input based on feedback and the categories to which they belong. Another example involves predicting customer churn by using customer instances and data on whether they have ended their relationships.

    The inception of optical character recognition (OCR) in AppSheet will offer the required ability to read text or handwriting directly from an image. Subsequently, it would be speeding up the data entry. For example, this would enable the application to fill out a form automatically based on the information it recognizes on an image. Alternatively, an application for scanning conference badges will be able to store data without any manual input.

    These added features enhance this no-code application’s existing artificial intelligence capabilities, which include natural language processing for understanding human speech.

    Moreover, predictive machine learning tools and OCR added to AppSheet would be assisting business organizations in comprehending the intuitive and innovative software solutions better. They would be demonstrating how any business organization can embed AI and ML capabilities to steer high productivity, without requiring specialized developers or data scientists.

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