AppJetty Rolls Out Mappyfield 365 Upgrade



    AppJetty has rolled out the latest Mappyfield 365 upgrade to enable sales managers using Dynamics CRM to manage their sales better than ever before.

    Press Release

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    AppJetty, Biztech’s child company has rolled out the latest Mappyfield 365 upgrade for Dynamics users after its huge success in the market of Dynamics CRM extensions.

    Mappyfield 365 is a great asset to sales managers as it can help visualize CRM data and contacts on the map and manage them efficiently through data analytics, targeted location marketing, heat map visualization, and other features.


    Equipped with live user tracking with Firebase, user guided tour, and several other features; the new upgrade Mappyfield 365 is all set to take Dynamics CRM users’ experience to the next level.


    “Sales management is an art that needs perfection. With the right knowledge, you also need the right tools. While knowledge isn’t sellable, tools of course are! We launched our Mappyfield 365 for Dynamics CRM – a mapping tool, with the same thought to help ensure streamlined sales management. Inspired by its acceptability and popularity among our clients, our CRM developer team has come up with an upgrade to enhance customers’ experience. A number of features like live tracking with Firebase, creation of points of interest (POIs), user guidance tools, and more; this upgrade is sure to increase productivity of the sales management process further for Dynamics CRM users.”, said Maulik Shah, the CEO. 


    “Conventional sales management methods can’t suffice in this age of growing competition. To manage the ever-increasing complexities and challenges that sales managers have to deal with, they require next-gen sales management tools. Our Mappyfield 365 upgrade is intended to help sales managers and reps make the most out of their efforts. We have incorporated cutting-edge features like support for customized pins, auto-scheduling, Apple map integration, knowledge articles, custom dashboard, support for editing of activities, and more that make it an ideal tool for sales management.”, said Prakash Bhambhani, Product Owner (Dynamics) at Biztech.


    About AppJetty

    AppJetty is an ISO-certified company and an official ISV partner of SugarCRM and SuiteCRM and has several certified Magento and Odoo developers on board. Over the last decade, it has carved out a niche for itself in the market of Sugar/Suite CRM, Magento, and Dynamics extensions.

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