Ansys Multiphysics Simulation Tools Catalysts for India’s Semiconductor Industry Growth: CADFEM India



• Future technologies take center stage at IISc, Bengaluru’s semiconductor workshop • Contributes to advancing awareness and growth in silicon photonics in India

Press Release

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While Accelerated Computing, Generative AI and Semiconductor industry is experiencing rapid growth, India is trying to build an entire semiconductor ecosystem aiming to be among the world’s top five semiconductor producers in the next five years. CADFEM India, a leading provider of simulation-based Digital Engineering highlights the critical role of advanced simulation tools in driving innovation and competitiveness across industries in India as they move into the world of AI. Ansys Multiphysics Simulation tools, including Lumerical, empower semiconductor firms across India to achieve faster product development, improved performance, and enhanced market positioning.

In this regard, the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CENSE) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, in collaboration with CADFEM and ANSYS, recently concluded a four-day hands-on workshop focused on the ANSYS Lumerical EDA Platform. The workshop showcased ANSYS Simulation capabilities in silicon photonics design and served as a premier enabling platform for industry experts, researchers, startups, students, and enthusiasts in the field.

According to Dr. Madhukar Chaitri, CEO, CADFEM, India, “Ansys Multiphysics Simulation Tools represent a paradigm shift in how semiconductor companies approach silicon to systems product development. By harnessing the power of simulation, Indian semiconductor firms can accelerate time-to-market, minimize costs, and optimize performance, ultimately fueling industry growth and competitiveness, thereby positioning India as a global leader in semiconductor innovation.”


Highlighting the role of technology aiding growth to India’s future, Professor Shankar Kumar Selvaraja, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, said, “Ansys Solutions through CADFEM is driving unparalleled advancements in engineering and is poised to revolutionize the Indian market with new age technologies. Silicon photonic circuits are an immanent replacement for electrical interconnects in next-generation high-performance computing. Silicon photonics-based optical interconnect can be energy efficient, can transfer data faster, and have properties that can be used for accelerating the next breakthrough in semiconductors. CADFEM India is positioned to drive this transformative shift by hosting workshops that are instrumental in shaping the future of technology in India. Currently, there is a gap in the trained human resources in photonic integrated circuit technology to meet industry needs. Our recent intensive four-day workshop on silicon photonics in collaboration with CADFEM India, exemplified our commitment, where we extensively explored the fundamentals of silicon photonics, encompassing device basics, design, fabrication, and characterization. Moving forward, we plan to establish an annual calendar for the PRISM-A Photonic Integrated Circuit User Program.”


IISc Workshop Highlights


The IISc workshop provided practical insights and hands-on experience in ANSYS Lumerical EDA Platform, emphasizing the design cycle from ideation to chip characterization. Participants gained knowledge on fabrication and characterization constraints, CMOS process flow, and specific requirements in realizing silicon photonic circuits