Andersen Lab Explains what Architecture in it is and Why it Matters



Architect is someone who was a programmer, worked their way up to a Senior developer, and has had experience as a Tech Lead. Moreover, this specialist must be able to think strategically, globally evaluate the project, and effectively convey their thoughts and ideas to the team.

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Berlin, Deutschland, May 19, 2021 – Technologies are constantly becoming more complex, entailing the growth of software complexity. Building a program or an application without preliminary planning and design can lead to additional time and financial expenditures even at the development stage. There is a high probability that, after release, such a product will gel left behind since it’s not optimized. In order to avoid such problems, the software architecture should be developed at the initial stage.

According to the Software Engineering Institute, there are nearly 150 definitions of software architecture. In simple terms, software architecture is the framework or the basic structure of a program. IT architecture can also include system architecture that reflects the approach of an IT team to solving any problem or implementing any project.

Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype that architecture is needed only for large projects or not needed at all. This misconception is believed by both young startups and leaders of large non-tech companies initiating the development of digital solutions for their businesses. Anderson labs has tried to provide arguments and cases of why architecture mustn’t be neglected.

Being a quality-driven company, Andersen delivers upmarket software to organizations across different sectors and industries. Their internal product management, high-lying level of development, and delivery discipline empower these organizations to realize value through improved performance, reliability, and profitability.

Andersen adopts a set of practices and principles that are their customers´ key in staying ahead of competitors. With paying continuous attention to all aspects during development and operation integrated into the overall process, they are certain to deliver good quality software products

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