Amazing Nepal



    There are so many places to visit in Nepal that no matter what walk of life you belong to, you’ll definitely find one or the other thing to lure you.

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    Amazing Nepal

    Nepal is among the world’s states. Nepal covers only 0.3 % of the entire land area of Asia and 0.03percent of the total land area of the world. It is the landlocked state that lies in the lap of two large nations; India in the North from South, West & the East and China. This country is about the phase. Though being a small nation in the world Nepal is filled with unique attributes natural beauty and cultural diversity. Rhododendron is the national flower and cow is seen as the national animal. Likewise, Lophophorus (Himalayan Monal) is the national bird of Nepal. Previously, Dhaka Topi and Daura Suruwal for guys was the national dress of Nepal. But nowadays cultural dresses of the cultural groups are regarded as Nepal’s national dress. Nepal was the kingdom on earth. But, after dethroning King Gyanendra Nepal has become the royal state.

    Nepal is dependent on other countries mostly because its features that are landlocked. Nepal is a country that has been exporting raw materials and importing goods. Hence, the trade deficit is being born by Nepal as long time. Nepal is an extremely rich country in terms of resources. However, the tools have not been used in its whole scope. Research has shown that Nepal has the potentiality to produce 83,000 Megawatt power from the fast-flowing rivers but sadly because of lack of investment in this industry Nepal has managed to produce only 1% of its total capacity. Firstly Nepal shouldn’t depend on other countries in terms of hydropower, to be a developed nation in the world.

    Nepal can be the tourism destination for the nature lover tourists as Nepal is the country filled with natural attractions. In the same way, Nepal is also culture lovers in addition to the suitable tourism destination for adventure lover tourists as there are many places to visit in Nepal. Nepal is very in customs and culture. Nepal is a settlement of over 120 ethnic groups. A number of cultural groups are on the verge of extinction. Raute etc. would be the cultural groups which are in the context of losing their identity. In Nepal, there are cultural groups which are residing in the primitive ages. Nepali people are protecting their culture for the industrial purpose also. Protecting the culture has been an income source for Tharu community individuals.