After-School Activities For Enhanced Leadership Skills In Killeen


Press Release

Killeen, TX/2021: An after school club is an ideal place for developing a child’s innate abilities and helping him attain his full potential. Leadership skills are necessary in almost every field of life starting from one’s home to the workplace. To enhance your child’s leadership skills, you should consider enrolling him in an after-school club like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas in Killeen, TX.

About The Club 

The club was founded in 1964 with the aim of helping youngsters develop into caring, responsible and hardworking individuals. The club organizes different activities under different programs for kids.

Activities For Enhanced Leadership Skills 

  • Goals for Growth: Focused on making new discoveries, club involvement, discovering skills, serving the community, career awareness and personal improvement
  • Junior Staff: Career development activities, customer service skills, Club apprenticeship, work ethic, interpersonal skills and community service
  • Million Members, Million Hours of Service: Volunteer and service projects for engagement in the society
  • Torch Clubs: Special character development of adolescents
  • Youth of the Year: A youth recognition program that encourages teamwork, goal setting, communication skills and more. It comprises of programs like Youth of the Month, Junior Youth of the Year (Leadership Readiness Program) and Youth of the Year (Leadership Development Program) 

Benefits Of Club Membership 

  • Committed towards empowering the Youth
  • Caring and responsible adult professionals
  • Offers a variety of life-enhancing programs
  • Safe and secure
  • Zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior in the club
  • Provision of a 24/7 toll-free child safety hotline
  • Compulsory safety training for the staff

For more information on after school activities organized by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or pay a visit at 703 N 8th St. Killeen, TX – 76541. You can also log on to