Affordable Bingo Games In Waco



The release discusses about affordable bingo games at Franklin Bingo Hall in Waco, TX which is a unit of Texas Charity Bingo. It further highlights reasons for choosing the bingo hall.

Press Release

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Waco, TX/2019: Bingo is an incredibly fun game that has seen increased participation since past few years. Franklin Bingo hall is one of the renowned bingo halls of Texas Charity Bingo in Waco, TX. It organizes a variety of slow call games with exciting prizes.

About The Bingo Hall

  • It is a non-profit hall that operates mainly for the benefit of charities in the area.

  • It offers games for both the novice and expert players. The hall is known for its exclusive gaming experience and myriad prizes.

  • High priority is levied upon the comfort level and enjoyment quotient of players.

  • The hall is associated with prestigious charity organizations such as Kiwanis, Advocacy Center, Greater Killeen Community Clinic, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas and more.

Bingo Games In Waco

  • It offers both paper card and electronic bingo games.

  • The hall is open 7 days a week

  • The bingo game offered to the players is ‘Coverall’.

  • To qualify for rewards, players have to fill the form provided on the website.

Reasons For Choosing The Bingo Hall

  • Reward cards earned at any bingo hall that is a unit of Texas Charity Bingo can be used at any other unit for freebies and discounts.

  • The bingo halls are well-ventilated and spacious (non-smoking rooms are provided).

  • Seating arrangements are comfortable.

  • Provision for drinks and snacks.

  • Winners are entitled to an assortment of rewards and cash prizes.

  • The staff is friendly, professional and helpful.

  • The non-profit organization offers a chance to contribute towards helping the needy with revenue generated from the sale of tickets.

For more information on bingo games at Franklin Bingo hall in Waco, feel free to call at (254) 714 – 2559 or visit the bingo unit at 3406, Franklin Ave, Waco, TX – 76710. You can also log on to